In an increasingly changing world, the fashion industry has become just that: an industry. Exploitative and polluting, fast fashion affects not only the environment, but also the people. At Made in Rosia Montana, we believe in sustainability, in the ethical treatment of all living things, we believe in respect for our fellow human beings and the natural environment we all share.

Sustainability Made in Rosia Montana

We strive to provide a safe and healthy work environment, with equitable compensation for each of our collaborators, with a minimal negative impact on the environment.


We use Merino Wool in our knitwear production which has several sustainable attributes: it is rapidly renewable, biodegradable, recyclable, and can be produced organically.

In terms of performance, wool is something of a miracle fabric

Sustainable products


Responsible manufacturing

Made in Rosia Montana social enterprise consists of approximately 35 women who knit, women who come from Rosia Montana village and its surroundings. The women involved have a chance to monetize and support a lifelong hobby, a chance to socialise with neighbours and friends, a chance to preserve and perpetuate a centuries old tradition and craft.

Also, at Made in Rosia Montana, the women can freely express their creativity, they are encouraged to come up with new patterns, new work techniques, which they can later debate and discuss with their colleagues. 

Made in Rosia Montana offers an unique opportunity for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together and collaborate, to learn new things and work together towards a common goal. 

They also enjoy a fair compensation for their work within our organization. There are few of us out there who have the chance to earn money out of a hobby. Made in Rosia Montana has made this thing possible for its collaborators, giving them the chance to earn a decent living, working from the comfort of their own home, following their own schedule, with no pressure or deadlines. 



At Made in Rosia Montana we aim to make sure that all the materials used in our production process come from certified, ethical and cruelty free suppliers. The Merino wool fiber that we use must have the right certification, such as Woolmark Pure New Wool and OEKO TEX Standard 100. We do not condone or support any kind of materials obtained in ways that may bring harm to animals, humans or the natural environment.


All of Made in Rosia Montana’s products come with a small leather label. The leather we use is a by-product of the meat industry, but we are continuously looking for better and safer materials to use.


Made in Rosia Montana is actively involved in everything that means local development. Our company’s headquarters are located in a building classified as a historical monument.

The building is situated in the heart of Rosia Montana village, where it once was a lively and populated village square, and it’s in the process of being restored, with our organization planning to bring back its former status and glory.

A conscious organization Made in Rosia Montana

Looking at the bigger picture, Made in Rosia Montana wants to bring people together in working sustainable projects, creating sustainable sources of income for the villagers, and, of course, educating both the younger and older generations, bringing all participants on the path of a sustainable way of life.

Respecting people, respecting nature, an active involvement in education, and the strong belief that together we can make a better world.

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